Communicating Europe, press seminar at the European Parliament

A synthesis of the 2 days press seminary “Communicating Europe” at European Parliament and European Commission, organized by Eldr party on 10-11 of november 2010:

Wolf Klinz, chairman of the committee on economic, financial and social crisis and member of the committee on economic and monetary affairs (ECON) in the European Parliament:

Europe and crisis: Europe should not go back to business again as before the crisis. European Union now should go into the emergence markets like India and China. The crisis is in part a responsibility on the United States, but the most important responsibility is of the financial institutions with support of the governments.

European Union is now working on some new directives and resolutions that will try to regulate capitalism process, concentrating, in particular on: banks, insolvency, derivative markets, hedge funds, private sphere, and introducing a tax on financial transactions.

But the problem in that it’s not possible to give a global answer to crisis. Europe, moreover, has he problem that Euro doesn’t have the possibility to influence social policy oh single member states, and that’s why we do need more Europe. For example, we have to estabilish every single European state immigration policy, because it influences demography, and consequently, has an impact on social economy. That’s why we need in Europe a system that helps people to integrate efficiently.

European Union hopes that actual economic project that is taking shape of G2 (United States – China) will become a G3, with Europe obviously: this will be possible only if EU will increase her energy policy – without having a 27 european energy policy -, developing a European energy network and smart grids. This will help to have a stronger Russian partnership. EU needs also to make investments in transport like air, trains and infrastructural projects.

Europe should also talk with one voice in G20, and in all the decisional places. It’s no more acceptable to have different points of view (Merkel, Sarkozy, Zapatero) when you are talking in international seat. But this must mean new ways of sharing sovereignty, not leaving that to EU.

Another important issue related to crisis is that if EU loses the citizen opinion about social and economic policy for Europe will be more difficult to go out through crisis without problems (as we have seen in these days in London students uprising.

Cecilia Malmstrom, European Commissioner for Home Affairs:

About migration European Union has now a package of six proposals to find new ways to tackle this problem. It’s one of the biggest problem for Europe. We need reception conditions and a coming area of protection in a common European receptive system. EU has also to fight against anti-islamic parties that are boring in every member state.

The start point that I have in my work is that irregular migration is not illegal, because everybody has the right to move and cross the borders; that’s why EU has to redefine crimes going to a similar penalty in every state.

Italy-Libya treaty “Friendship, partnership and cooperation” is not that bad but we would have preferred that Libya made a treaty with all EU, not only with Italy. In that case we could have talked also about human rights.

Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck, Coordinator for Foreign Affairs of ELDR party in European Parliament:

Foreign Affairs is the most interesting portfolio of a European government. It’s the biggest challenge, because you have to find the way to collaborate with everybody not like a competitor but like a partner; but EU needs to have a stronger guide in foreign affairs.

A magazine like The Economist never miss to criticize the non elected member of the commission, nominated by national government. But the commission’s members are the right consequence of choices made by governments directly elected by European citizens.


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